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Testimonials for from satisfied clients

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We have completed jobs big and small for clients all over the world (Check out our client map ). Here are a few comments we have received from satisfied writing, translation and SEO clients.

Steve Rawlinson
Online Degree Reviews

"My website has really started to grow over the past few weeks, mostly due to the press release you and Corey wrote."


Vadim Mazo
Dotcom-Monitor Web Site and Network Monitoring

"We were impressed with the David's innovative approach, and the results speak for themselves."


Robert Martin
WSI Online Solutions

" It took just two months for our Ottawa topsoil client to rank #1 for most of its important local search terms. The Happy Guy Marketing continues to exceed expectations."


Chris Edwards
Living Reefs

"Awesome! Thanks for the rewrite, its perfect."


Stewart Granville
Last Minute Florida Villas

"We are having more enquiries (around 30% up). The difference you have made is very noticeable, and there appears to be some consistency in the results. So well done."


Danny Hoffman
Web Positioning SEO

"David, just a follow-up note to say that my client is pleased with how you optimized its French website and its German website. Thanks for helping me cover those important markets for them."


Esther Barzel
The Online Recruiter (and head hunter) Directory

"This really works. Before Google's aging penalty even wore off, we were ruling MSN for many of our key search terms."


John Dobson
OZpeopletrace - people search Australia

"David achieved brilliant results for OZpeopletrace, the keywords he worked on have achieved top 4 positions on Google in all cases except for one search term that reached 6th. Five keywords have two pages in the top 4. Our traffic has increased substantially, and best of all PPC advertising is no longer necessary! Thanks David."


René Knops
One Sheet Music Guide

"Thanks for your great advice and support that helped me refine the direction my online business is taking! If you want to get involved with someone who delivers what they promise, David Leonhardt is your man."


Wayne Akey
ACH Payments Processing

"David, just a note to let you know I have seen some excellent results from the Google updates you suggested. Nice Job!"

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Successful website marketing strategies: Canadian freelance writer, professional SEO consultant, SEO writer, media relations and website marketing consultant.
Serving the world, but conveniently located in Stormont-Dundas County: Chesterville, Winchester, Morrisburg and Cornwall, Ontario.
Just a short drive from Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, as well as Kemptville, Brockville, and Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Successful website marketing strategies: Canadian WRITER AND WEBSITE MARKETING CONSULTANT ? OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA

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